Under the name WordsWorth Communication Services, Mariann Garner-Wizard is a free-lance writer, editor, designer, and activist.
Besides the ongoing interests highlighted here, she seeks to collaborate with others in projects where she can make a positive difference.
She's particularly interested in forming a musical collaboration with someone who can write notes by ear; she has lots of lyrics!
Click on the graphics to see/hear examples of what Mariann does. This may take you to another site; you can come back to WordsWorth.biz with your browser's Back button.
Like writers and artists throughout history, Mariann depends on generous "patrons" -
you, she hopes ! - to buy her books and/or crafts or offer her paying gigs. Your interest is deeply appreciated! For more info, click on the WordsWorth logo at top left and e-mail Mariann directly!
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* poetry & lyrics * propaganda * research * critical analysis *
* editing, design, & publication services for ALL MEDIA*
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